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The Split – Sharon J. Bolton

Publication Date: May 28, 2020

Rating: ????

Genre: Thriller

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Now matter how far you run, some secrets will always catch up with you…

The remote Antarctic island of South Georgia is about to send off its last boat of the summer – which signifies safety to resident glaciologist Felicity Lloyd. Felicity lives in fear – fear that her ex-husband Freddie will find her, even out here. She took a job on this isolated island to hide from him, but now that he’s out of prison, having served a term for murder, she knows he won’t give up until he finds her.

But a doctor delving into the background of Felicity and Freddie’s relationship, back in Cambridge, learns that Felicity has been on the edge for a long time. Heading to South Georgia himself to try and get to her first is the only way he can think of to help her. (Synopsis from Goodreads)


I would like to thank Orion Publishing for inviting me to take place in the audio book tour for The Split by Sharon J. Bolton. The audiobook and eBook will be published on April 30th and the hardback will be published on May 28th.



I like to take notes when I’m reading or listening to a book in order to help with my reviews, and the first thing that I wrote while listening to the audiobook of The Split by Sharon Bolton was “creepy.” This actually sums up the latest psychological thriller by Bolton. The plot is thrilling and dark; I could actually feel my heart racing as I listened. 

The story starts out on the Antarctic island of South Georgia, where Felicity Lloyd is doing research on glaciers. South Georgia is one of the most isolated places in the world, making it the perfect setting for a thriller. When Felicity gets a letter from someone from her past, she panics and flees. Freddy, her ex-husband, has found her.

The narrative then moves to six months earlier, in Cambridge, England. A killer is targeting the local homeless population, and Felicity is in therapy. As we get to know Felicity more, I found myself trusting her less and less.

Who is Felicity? Who is Freddy? Why is she terrified of him? Why is Felicity forgetting large moments of time? Why has she forgotten her marriage completely? Who is killing the local homeless population, and why? These are just some of the questions I wrote down while reading this exciting book.

I don’t listen to many audiobooks as I prefer physical books, but I am glad that I listened to the audio version of The Split. The narrator brought the story to life even more. I could close my eyes and visualise what was happening. My mind was honestly blown by this story. There are so many twists and turns in the narrative, some of which I never would have expected. I highly recommend this audiobook if you are looking for a thriller that will keep you on the edge of the seat.



Sharon (formerly SJ) Bolton grew up in a cotton-mill town in Lancashire and had an eclectic early career in marketing and public relations. She gave it up in 2000 to become a mother and a writer. Her first novel, Sacrifice, was voted Best New Read by, whilst her second, Awakening, won the 2010 Mary Higgins Clark Award (part of the prestigious Edgars) in the US. She has been shortlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger, the Theakston’s Prize for Best Thriller, the International Thriller Writer’s Best First Novel award, the Prix Du Polar in France, and the Martin Beck award in Sweden.


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