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I am kicking off the new year with the Bookish New Year’s challenge. This fifteen-day challenge is hosted by Tabatha at Broken Soul Reviews. The challenge is open to any book bloggers who want to participate.

The prompt for day five is TBR Shelf: 2019 progress and 2020 starting point.

My current TBR (to be read) shelf is out of control. I actually stopped regularly adding to my TBR list on Goodreads a few months ago because the number of books on it was starting to stress me out. That may sound a bit ridiculous, but it is true nonetheless. There are currently 166 books on my Goodreads TBR, and there is no way that I will ever get to them all because they are primarily books that were published at least a year ago. In fact, I have likely lost interest in a fair number of these books by now.

In October 2019 I started using a new system for managing my TBR: Google spreadsheets. I now keep a list of the next ten books that I plan to read, in the order in which I plan to read them. I determine the order of the books on the list based on publication date and my personal preferences. I have a second spreadsheet with a longer list of books that I may be interested in reading in the future. I compile this list based on a glance through my list on Goodreads, reviews I have recently read for books that sound interesting, and the Bookriots Insiders new release index. I use this longer list of books to create my next list of ten books to be read (again, based on preference and publication date), and then update the longer list with even more books. If a book has been on the second list for too long or I lose interest in it, then I remove it from the list and it never makes it to my primary TBR. I find that dividing my TBR into one manageable list and one slightly more chaotic list is far less stressful than seeing one list with over 150 books on it. It is a more time consuming process definitely, but it is also one that I enjoy. However, it also means that if someone recommends a book to me it could take me months to get to it!

Based on this information, you are probably now thinking that I have a slight obsession with planning. This is not an incorrect assumption. I am fully aware that I have a problem, but I am perfectly content with my obsessive need to organise and plan most aspects of my life.

The topic for day ten of the bookish new year’s challenge is blogger organisation, so you can look forward to reading more about my spreadsheet system then. I will update this post with a link to day ten’s topic when it is published.

How do you organise your TBR?

xx Claudia


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