Bookish New Year’s Challenge: Day Four




I am kicking off the new year with the Bookish New Year’s challenge. This fifteen-day challenge is hosted by Tabatha at Broken Soul Reviews. The challenge is open to any book bloggers who want to participate.

The prompt for day four is your favourite blogging moment of 2019.

I started The Love of Books in early 2019, so I have a lot of favourite moments from the year. There is no way that I can narrow them down to just one.

The first time that I was accepted to read an advance copy of a book on Netgalley I was so excited that I actually ran around the house dancing and singing. My boyfriend thought that there was something wrong with me! I have now been accepted to read over twenty books on Netgalley, and I’m still tempted to pinch myself every time I am accepted for a new one. I am honestly thrilled that publishers and authors are trusting me to review advance copies of their books. I know that this isn’t necessarily a big deal to more seasoned book bloggers, but I find the whole process so exciting.

Another favourite moment from the year was the first time that an author reached out to me directly and asked me to review her book. I don’t know how she found my little blog (presumably on twitter), but I am so thrilled that she did. It ended up being a book that I loved, so I was so pleased to be able to give her book a positive review. I wonder if I will continue to be as excited by these interactions in the years to come. I sure hope so!

I’m really looking forward to the next year as I continue to grow The Love of Books, interact with authors and publishers, and blog about all things bookish.

What were your favourite blogging moments from this year?

xx Claudia


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  1. Broken Soul Reviews says:

    Those are good moments! I personally love when authors take the time to reach out directly! I love even more when you can see that they took the time to check out your blog because they used the guidelines you set out in your review policy! I hope you have many more good moments here in 2020!

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