HouseCup-A-Thon – June 2020


This afternoon I was contemplating what to do with my summer, as it seems that it will be a long one of social distancing. There will be a lot of picnics, long walks, soaking up the English sunshine, and of course… reading. After coming across a post on Pages & Plots about upcoming readathons, I have decided to take part in my first ever readathon. And it is Harry Potter themed, of course. Call me a nerd, but I am super excited about this readathon.



The HouseCup-a-thon sounds so fun. In order to participate you need to join a Hogwarts house and join the discord channel. You can find the link to the channel on the official twitter page here. I struggled to choose between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, but ultimately decided on Gryffindor. What can I say – I could use a bit of courage and bravery at the moment.

There are several ways to earn points for your house: reading books, participating in reading challenges, instagram photo challenges, solving riddles, and the final feast live show at the end of the month. There are sixteen prompts, although you do not have to complete all of them. You can earn points for each prompt, and the number of points depends on the length of the book.

The Prompts

⚡️ Tom Riddle’s Journal: Read a book by an author that uses a pen name or their initials. 

⚡️ Dobby: Read a book that has a lovable/memorable side character.

⚡️ The Flying Car: Road trip! Read a book that involves a journey. 

⚡️ The Howler: Read a book that has a character who must face the consequences of their actions. 

⚡️The Burrow: Read a cozy book. 

⚡️ Lockhart: Read a book with a love interest that everyone loves. 

⚡️ De-Gnome the Garden: Read a book that you are thinking of unhauling. 

⚡️ Whomping Willow: Read a book with a tree on the cover. 

⚡️ Mandrakes: Protect your ears and listen to an audiobook. 

⚡️ The Basilisk: Read a book with a snake on the cover.

⚡️ Following the Spiders: Read a hyped book.

⚡️ Polyjuice Potion: Read a book in a non-traditional format or a format that you don’t read very often.

⚡️ Death Day Party: Read a book that you forgot you owned.

⚡️ Fawkes: Give a book a second chance.

⚡️ Petrified: Read a book that you’re afraid to read.

⚡️Required Reading: Read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets or any other Harry Potter book – 100 points.


I haven’t decided which books I am going to read yet, or even which prompts I am going to complete, but I am so excited about this readathon. If you have any suggestions for books that fit the prompts, I would love to hear them in the comments below!

Are you taking part in this readathon?

xx Claudia


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  1. EmmabBooks says:

    This looks a great idea.i look forward to hearing more. Have fun ?

  2. Emily says:

    Would love to see your TBR once you have decided what prompts to do! ?

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