January 2020 Wrap-Up


It is finally the last day of January. Is it just me, or does this month feel as though it has actually been about six months? I think that is always the case with January though; the post-holiday lull combined with the dreary winter weather just adds to the feeling that January is never-ending. I honestly do not understand people who enjoy this month. If you are one of this people… explain yourself, please!

That being said, one of the positives of January being the longest month ever is that I managed to read quite a lot. I managed to read ten books this month – not my best ever, but still pretty great by my standards. I am now 10% through my reading goal for the year, although I have no idea if that means I am on track because math is not one of my strengths.





I read some truly excellent books this month. It is impossible for me to narrow it down to just one favourite, but there are definitely some stand out books here. All We Left Behind by Danielle R. Graham and A Long Petal of the Sea are both excellent historical fiction novels. If you are interested in the plight of Canadian Jews during World War II, then I recommend All We Left Behind. A Long Petal of the Sea will be enjoyed by those who are intrigued by Spanish and Chilean history in particular. It is an epic novel.

Both Dear Edward and You Were There Too will break your heart. Dear Edward is one of the most thought-provoking novels I have ever read. I will be recommending it to people for years. Miss Austen was a fascinating insight into the life of Jane Austen and her sister.



  • Unique blog visitors: 415 – my highest yet!
  • Views on blog: 830
  • Number of new blog followers: 44 – thank you everyone 🙂
  • Number of books on my NetGalley shelf: 16



How was your January?

xx Claudia




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