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Lydia and Freddie. Freddie and Lydia. They’d been together for more than a decade, and Lydia thought their live was indestructible.

But she was wrong. On her twenty-eighth birthday, Freddie died in a car accident.

 So now it’s just Lydia, and all she wants to do is hide indoors and sob until her eyes fall out. But Lydia knows that Freddie would want her to try to live fully, happily, even without him. So, enlisting the help of his best friend, Jonah, and her sister, Elle, she takes her first tentative steps into the world, open to live – and perhaps even love- again.

But then something inexplicable happens that gives her another chance at her old life with Freddie. A life where none of the tragic events of the past few months have happened.

Lydia is pulled again and again across the doorway of her past, living two lives, impossibly, at once. But there’s an emotional toll to returning to a wold where Freddie, alive, still owns her heart. Because there’s someone in her new life, her real life, who her to stay.

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Oh my god, this book is wonderful. It is rare that a book makes me openly sob, but The Two Lives of Lydia Bird tugged at my heartstrings. I did not want it to end. It reminds me of P.S. I Love You in a way, which is one of the highest complements I can give because that is one of my favourite books.

“What really matters is now, here, today, tomorrow, next year. Some people fall in love at first sight and stay together for ever, other people marry their childhood sweetheart and end up in the divorce courts. You can’t predict life… you can only try to make the best of whatever it throws at you” – Josie Silver, The Two Lives of Lydia Bird

Josie Silver is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors. She is a truly talented writer, and she really understands how to create well-rounded characters. If you have read her previous book, One Day in December, then you are already familiar with this. Her stories tend to cover a longer time-period than other books. One Day in December covered a period of a few years, and The Two Lives of Lydia Bird does as well. I have to really care about a character to be interested in reading about their life over an extended period of time, and Josie Silver is a master at developing fascinating characters. I would have happily read about the rest of Lydia’s life – I was not ready for this book to end.

“You and me, we’re all the time, and we’re always, and we’re everywhere. If I live a million lifetimes, I’ll find you in all of them” – Josie Silver, The Two Lives of Lydia Bird

It is all well and good to have interesting characters, but in order for me to love a book then the story line is pretty important. I cannot fault The Two Lives of Lydia Bird in any way. I am vehemently stubborn in this opinion. Usually I at least glance at the less positive reviews about a book, because I’m interested in what others are saying, but I have not done so for this book. I loved it, and I’m sticking to my guns on that.

I think you will enjoy this book if:

  • You enjoyed P.S. I Love you by Cecelia Ahern (if you have not read this, please add it to your list)
  • You enjoyed One Day in December
  • You are a romantic at heart
  • You enjoy books which highlight the beauty of life

Josie Silver has done it again. I cannot wait to see what she does next!


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  1. I’m now even *more* excited to read this book! I loved One Day in December and I’ve already heard quite a few bloggers talk about this one and how much they enjoyed it. So glad to hear you did too! Great review 🙂

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